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Grantham ASDA Roundabout

The following diagrams show the routes to take when negotiating the roundabout at ASDA, Grantham.

This is the ASDA roundabout. Take time to familiarise yourself with the layout and the exits.

As a general rule, go round the roundabout in the same lane as you approach it (ie if you approach in the middle lane, go round in the middle lane)


Grantham ASDA Roundabout


This shows the route to take when coming from Brook Street.

Note the left lane is for the ASDA car park only.

Middle Lane for 2nd exit (towards NEXT and Home Bargains).

Right lane for 3rd and 4th exit (A52 Nottingham and Mount Street).

Grantham ASDA Roundabout

This shows the routes when coming down the hill from the A52.

Note that when you exit the roundabout onto the right hand lane of the 2nd exit, your route is over the middle lane (red line)

Grantham ASDA Roundabout


This diagram shows which lane to take when travelling from Sankt Augustin Way (from NEXT following the railway line).
Click here to see a video to help you decide when it's safe to go onto the ASDA roundabout

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