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Grantham One Way System

This is the one way system in Grantham near NEXT and the marketplace. Take the time to check it out so you have a better understanding of how it works. There are 4 areas that can be particularly tricky if you are not familiar with the system. . .

Grantham One Way System

1. As you approach the one way system from Westgate (marketplace), note that you must give way to traffic from the right (area 2). For the left lane, position yourself on the left. For the middle and right lanes, position yourself just left of the centreline.

Also, keep an eye on any traffic coming from Morrisons (area A) before emerging.

2. In this section there are 2 lanes. From the left lane you can either turn left or right (into the left lane only). From the right hand lane you may turn right only into either the middle or right hand lanes.

Note: the road markings at 1. These indicate that the road bears round to the right, so no signal is required if you are turning to the right.

3. Turn left here for the railway station. Choose the middle lane for the A607 (under the railway bridge) or choose the right hand lane for the three lane section at B

4. Once you have come through the traffic lights here, you can only emerge from the give way lines to area B.

Keep well over to the right for the right hand lane. For the left or middle lane, approach the give way line on the left.

You must give way to traffic approaching from areas C and D.


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